Computer Troubleshooting Rules

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Computer Troubleshooting Rules

Post by Mania on Mon Mar 04, 2013 9:22 pm

1. All topics should be related to Trouble Shooting.
Trouble shooting includes the problems for the forum technicalities only. These could include browser, log in, register, and posting issues, ect. Please do not post here about your ban time or silencing.
If you atill aren't sure if your issue resides in Feedback or Trouble Shooting please refer to an Admin or Moderator who is online.

2. Only post about your problem ONCE.
Spamming your issue will not help us resolve it faster.

3. Wait for assistance.
Relax and take a breath, if a moderator doesn't get to your issue right away, we will at a later time. Don't spam your post, don't spam our inboxes, don't spam your topic. Someone will get to you.


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