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The Comprehensive Guide to Perfect Roleplaying

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The Comprehensive Guide to Perfect Roleplaying Empty The Comprehensive Guide to Perfect Roleplaying

Post by The G-Man on Wed Jun 19, 2013 11:21 pm

Hello there, TwilightFan666 (or whatever your stupid and repetitive super original username is), today we're going to discuss the art of roleplaying in the Crysandrea forums. Follow these steps, and soon your have the most perfectest karakter evar.

Step One: Choosing an RP

The first step to being the very best like no one ever was is to pick a good roleplay. Don't pick any of these preppy, conformist Roleplays that claim to have "Creativity" or "Purpose." Pick an RP about Vampires, Werewolves, normal Wolves, a band, high school, pregnancy, gangs, love, or Demons. You'll find these in all categories, so don't worry about locating one. Extra points if you find one laced with grammatical errors. hoo neadz gramer aniway.

Step Two: Making Your Your Character Form

Never call character forms "forms." That would be too mainstream. Instead, refer to them as "forums," and the things you're posting on as "forms." Kriss Kross!!!!11one 111eleven
Always make your character mysterious and dark with a dark, brooding past and black hair and black clothes and red eyes and pale skin and they're emo and depressed and sad and emo and scene and JUSS LYK YOO!!!!1!11 
The following is an example of a god-awful well-written form forum:

Name: Iris Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way
Age: 13
History: Abandoned by her parents as a baby, Iris was raised in a human Catholic orphanage. The nuns there abused her a lot because of how different she looked and so she ran away at 8 and lived on the streets. She found a guitar in the gutter one day and started playing it and people started giving her money until eventually she realized that she was a vampire. She moved to the woods where she lives alone on account of not trusting anybody to get close to her.

Looks: She's thin with beautiful black hair and pale skin. She has fangs and red eyes and wears a My Chemical Romance Romance T-Shirt with black skinny jeans.

Personality: Quiet and sarcastic. She doesn't feel comfortable around humans, only her two pet foxes Gerard Way and Jeffree Star (named after her idols.) People think she is rude but really she's very nice once you get to know her.

Include more spelling errors, and boom. That's a goodform forum.

Step Three: Roleplaying

Once you've been accepted by the idiot smart person in charge of the RP, it's time to go. Here is an example of a good post: 

*quietly enters the room, looking around suspiciously at the other people*
"Umm... Hey."
*pulls out iPod and puts on headphones, flicking through the songs until coming to Green Day's American Idiot*
* sings softly (in perfect pitch)*
"Well maybe I'm the faggot America. I'm not a part of a redneck agenda."
*swishing her tail in time to the music, she spots a serene lake in the distance surrounded by tall trees*
*climbs one of the trees and sits there staring at the lake.                                         
*scratching the back of one furry ear, she wonders if there is anyone else in the room worth talking to*

"No... probably not."

Step Four: Trollz and Prepz

Trolls and Preps may try to ruin your perfect RPing by telling you that you're not creative, or experienced, or just reject your perfect form forum. Here are some intelligent things to say out of character to get them to accept you:

1. (omg ur meen my life totly sux)
2. (y? u just h8 me cuz im betr then u)
3. (your so stupid)
4. (FUCK U TROLL I WAN TO JOIN!!!!!!1111oneone1)

Now you'll definitely get accepted into any roleplay.

This concludes our guide to the immense world of perfect roleplaying. Thank you for reading, and kill yourself  goodnight.
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