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Show off your avatars! Empty Show off your avatars!

Post by Konti on Sun Mar 31, 2013 4:39 pm

Seriously though, this site has been so quite so I HAVE to assume y'all are off enjoying other avatar sites (hey I'm guilty too). xD

Sooo...I want to see your avatars! o__o This is like a "post your pics" thread but...for our lovely avatar creations!
Post your avatars from the past or even current ones here. They can be from any site, be it ye olde Crysandrea or the many others I have seen whisperings about. Please post what site it's from, too.

Feel free to discuss and share (healthy) opinions about each other's creations.
If you have really neat dream avatars you created too or cosplay avatars you've made...I especially wanna see those. (explain what character and in what outfit)

I usually just make a faun av. xD;;; I'll probly post mine from Gaia and some of my faves from Crys here too.
Oh yeah, please only post your own creations...not others'. Thanks!!

(if you feel so led to draw these avatars, let the poster know...I'm sure they'd love it)

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