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Post by Mania on Mon Mar 04, 2013 3:52 pm

Welcome to Crysandrean Wait! This is where I hope users will make nest while the site is down. With this, rules are absolutely needed. Aside from each forum topic having it's own set of rules, there has to be one overall set. So here we go!

1. Be courteous and use common sense.
This means no harassment, no flaming, and no stalking.

2. Do not post any material that is over PG-13 without a large mature content warning.

3. No namedropping in a harsh manner.
You may state nice things about a user, but please don't state things with mal-intent.

4. Do not page stretch.
It's REALLY annoying to all users. There's a spoiler function for a reason.

5. No excessive swearing.
Ex: "Honestly, I really fucking hate emoticons and find them annoying" Is okay, while "For fucks sake, I really fucking hate the shit out of fucking emoticons they annoy the living fuckshit out of me!!!" Is not okay.

Have fun!

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